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"Out of the night that covers me
Black as a pit from pole to pole
I thank whatever Gods may be
For my unconquerable soul"

                                    William Ernest Henley

I was born in a little fishermen village, by the Danube river. The first seven years of my life I was raised by my grandparents in complete freedom. I remember the feeling of the fresh ground under my bare feet, the smoked fish hanged by the string in the house of my Lipovans friends, the Museum of Natural Sciences with stuffed animals and exotic fishes and the pie trays of my grandma. I was not an ordinary girl for I was not playing with dolls. Instead I was passionate to make bows and arrows and build casemates and plans of attack. I inherited from my beloved grandpa the sense of justice, fairness and determination. I called this stage of my life the CHARACTER FORMATION.


The coming years I moved with my parents to Constanta, a pretty seaside town by the Black Sea. Since I was a child, my parents have inspired my passion for sports. And because the idol of that time was Ilie Nastase, I started to play tennis, reaching the national team of juniors. Later I was attracted by volleyball for being a team sport. Between the training camps and two trainings per day I managed to successfully cope with school too. That was the time I built the most solid friendships that I currently enjoy. I have learned the meaning of teamwork, sacrifice and empathy. I would call that period the TRAINING FOR LIFE.

When I chose to follow the University of Law Bucharest it was the time to say goodbye to my home and performance sports. Years of heavy work and dedication have followed, as student and mom. I was fortunate to have exceptional teachers and mentors in my law career. I have chosen to continue my postgraduate professional training with a Master in Business Administration, for I needed a complementary perspective to the legal field. I surrendered myself with passion and devotion to the professional career even though it meant less time for me and my family. I experienced the PROFESSIONAL GROWTH.

ALONDRA10 (1).jpg

I have always been attracted to music and dance. When I was a little girl, I wanted so much to become a ballerina. I was told I would never find a partner as tall as I was. True dreams never die. Years after, in 2010, I arrived in Buenos Aires dancing Argentine tango. Beautiful projects were born working together with beautiful people. Academia de Tango Romania was precisely one of them. At that time, I managed to fulfill the dream of a young boy, so passionate about music, to follow the University of Sound Engineering in Dublin, Windmill Lane Studios and later on, to work with one of the biggest recording studios, Sunset Sound in Hollywood. That was my first talent management project for artists. I call that journey HARMONIZATION WITH THE SELF.

Coming back to arts and sports was somehow natural. Is like going back to the first love, from a mature perspective. A lifetime of knowledge and experience started to intertwine in an organic manner, being now part of myself. When you will ask me for an advice, I will share it from the inside, beyond the limitations of rationality or a certain discipline.
I dedicate myself to life with passion and enthusiasm. I do things that I honestly believe would make me happy. I interact with people that I admire and that inspire me.
Life taught me you can shine in everything you do if you abandon yourself to a purpose, through perseverance, loyalty and humbleness. I love simple and profound things and I want to help people through what I do. It represents what I call the CREATION.

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